The 50 Startups that Change Brazil!

The 50 Startups that Change Brazil!

In a survey carried out by Exame magazine, with the help of specialists from the innovation ecosystem of renowned organizations such as ACE Startups, BTG Pactual and others, 50 startups were put together in a famous list.

According to the survey, they have the greatest growth potential of this decade! And it is an immense joy to share that PROSUMIR is with them!

In the view of Júlio, the founding CEO of PROSUMIR, his interest in innovation made a total difference to overcome adversity. At PROSUMIR, innovation is culture. Since its founding in 2014, many ideas have been tested and the opportunity market with the pressure reducing turbine (TRP) has been explored. Thus, the knowledge necessary to raise and scale a business with great differential was acquired.

With the sale of a turbine to Ambev in 2019, in a project capable of generating enough energy for 1,400 homes in a year, dreams became more real. And as with most innovation projects, problems have arisen. But risk management, resilience and the knowledge needed to follow were present. Thus, adjustments were made and today the TRP that generates clean energy by replacing pressure reducing valves is in operation!

Many new projects are already underway to continue the change we want to see in the world and we look forward to sharing it all with you!


Exame magazine report: 

Publication: February 18, 2021

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