Prosumir innovates to optimize Steam Pipes projects

Prosumir is always seeking to innovate to serve more and better customers and partners, thinking about solutions for economy and safety in the industry and energy efficiency. After a very successful experience with projects of steam piping for interconnections of pressure reducing turbines, the main product of our company, we are taking advantage of the knowledge we acquired to also offer Steam Piping Projects.

The idea is to guarantee support from start to finish and to develop the steam piping project, anticipating the challenges of the installation. Our team will oversee the entire process, working with 3D design models, which allow more detailed and inexpensive review until approval.

Prosumir Steam Piping Design Advantages
Among the advantages of Prosumir design is the proper selection of piping, valves and fittings, and the thermal insulation of the systems. And since we are obsessed with energy efficiency and we are focused on it, we review the existing piping, to evaluate possible load losses, condensate generation in order to increase the boiler's fuel economy. And that's not all. The work includes:

Reserve engineering in the piping installation environment, converting to a 3D (virtual reality) environment;
Piping dilation calculation, avoiding equipment malfunction due to dilations;
Adequacy of the condensate drain project and also of the supports to the dilation and blowing of the steam line;
Supervision of the installation and commissioning of the piping.

Economy of energy, time and resources
The know-how in these installations not only ensures energy savings. It also promotes the optimization of time and resources. This converts into a more profitable and safer activity. With 2D drawings for each pipe segment, we can reduce the assembly time in the field. A detailed bill of materials also ensures assertive purchases without extra items. These are measures that reduce the need for scope additions and delivery times. With Prosumir's consulting, the project is easier to understand and, with organized materials and scripts, a reduction in the installation values is achieved, besides making it possible to anticipate the assessments by environmental agencies, when required.

Efficiency of the production process of medium and large industries
All this supervision organized by Prosumir is especially aimed at medium and large industries that use steam piping, focusing on the food, beverage, agribusiness and chemical sectors.

Prosumir's project also complements the work of manufacturers of steam equipment, such as boilers, valves and heat exchangers, as well as companies that install industrial piping and installations. All marked by technical standards and responsibility throughout the process.

Prosumir wants its projects to be synonymous with safety, economy and practicality from the installation of piping to maintenance. For almost a decade in the market of energy use, we continue creating and innovating practices and services to transform energy waste into energy efficiency to walk in an increasingly sustainable world.

The credibility that drives us
But what encourages us to take on this challenge? Prosumir has been in the market for seven years and has collected awards with projects and actions it develops to transform energy waste into energy efficiency, helping Brazil and the world to move towards a more sustainable economy and aligned with environmental urgencies.

We have won the recognition of institutions such as the National Confederation of Industry (CNI) and Low Carbon Business Action in Brazil and the seal of Sustainable Enterprise and Energy, as well as the 1st place in Shell's Smart Cities edict and we are for the sixth consecutive year in the list of 100 Open Startups, the country's main award in the sector, among other achievements.

We work to make energy efficiency targets positive and concrete results, as well as betting on renewable energy generation and cogeneration in large companies in Brazil, such as Ambev and LDC. With the Pressure Reducing Turbines project, Prosumir has emerged in the energy sector, presenting an innovative solution to transform energy loss into generation, reducing energy costs by up to 20%.

Combining innovation, creativity and technical responsibility, we are collaborating for the generation of clean energy and good energy practices, stimulating a more profitable and sustainable market. This is the energy that the future needs to happen.

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