For the sixth consecutive time, Prosumir is on the list of the best 100 Open Startups

Prosumir is on the list of leaders in open innovation of the 100 Open Startups, one of the most prestigious awards in Brazil. For the sixth consecutive year, we are in the Top10 EnergyTechs ranking, which values startups focused on solutions in the energy sector, one of the most promising and challenging in the world. The official announcement occurred yesterday, Wednesday (27), and we are celebrating this recognition of the work of our team, which, far beyond energy solutions, works day by day to follow the market needs, adapting to the speed of these demands and trying to deliver the best.

Recognition that consolidates our brand
Being again among the highlights of the 100 Open Startups consolidates our brand among other big names in innovation in Brazil. Since 2016, this award is organized by 100 Open Startups, the main platform for open innovation in the country and a reference for companies, investors, and media on the topic. With technology and the use of data, this initiative has become a facilitator of innovative businesses.

In this edition, still under the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, 3,334 medium and large companies had Open Innovation relationships with 2,344. According to 100 Open Startups, there were more than 26,300 open innovation relationships between corporations and startups in 2021, twice as many as in 2020. There are about 30 categories, in which are the best performers recorded by the platform. The goal of the award is to expand business opportunities and the recognition of startups selected by the market.

Progress of innovative entrepreneurship in Brazil
The history of the 100 Open Startups shows the leap in innovative entrepreneurship in Brazil. In the award's debut seven years ago, a little more than 100 startups accumulated points for the ranking, and only 86 companies did so. Two years later, those numbers have more than doubled to 275 startups and 243 large corporations. In 2019, a 300% growth has already been noted: 895 startups and 876 large companies engaged, which added up to more than 5,400 relationships, including everything from basic mentoring to project hiring and financial investment. Not to mention the number of jobs guaranteed by these business models.

The cool thing about this award is that the requirements to join the list are clear and objective, and follow a very strict regulation aligned with the reality of both the national and international market. The Open Startups applies a score for the startups that annually arouse the most interest in medium and large corporations. On the other hand, it also creates points for the medium and large companies that have the most business relationships with startups.

Startups validated by experts, company executives, and investors, following the methodology stipulated by the award, can participate. It is also required that the startup's turnover is less than R$10 million in the fiscal year prior to the publication of the ranking.

We want connection with the challenges
For the Prosumir team, this annual recognition is an additional stimulus to continue seeking increasingly innovative and sustainable solutions, which are attentive to the corporate challenges that are imposed. Since the first time we appeared in the leadership list of the 100 Open Startups, we have been aware of how important the connections between the protagonists of innovation are. This award joins frequent achievements throughout our trajectory, such as the Top 100 Energy Startups of the Year 2020, as well as selections in the Scale up Endeavor Program (2018), from CPFL Innova, and for Innovation in Industry in Brazil, from the National Confederation of Industry (CNI), in 2018.

We seek partnerships with our customers, suppliers, and universities, and we value the mentoring work that qualifies our business ecosystem. And in times when energy and energy harnessing are themes dear not only to the productive sector but also to the entire society. Confirming our presence among the leading names in open innovation at the 100 Open Startup shows that we are on the right track.


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