Challenges of the current scenario increase the importance of investment in energy efficiency by the industry

The Brazilian productive sector is in a process of recovery, a movement that is expected to continue until 2022. However, this acceleration of the economy lacks the vigor to overcome the escalating costs of energy and fuels. It is precisely in the energy planning of operation that one can seek a source of breath, with the implementation of intelligent and efficient alternatives. This is the case with the use of the thermal waste common in various industries for the benefit of their own production.

If the market is observed, the share of companies that use thermal systems can reach 20% of the industrial branch in Brazil. The volume of thermal energy loss in the country, estimated at 16GW per year, also calls attention. Besides representing power capable of supplying the entire Rio Grande do Sul, financially the waste is around R$ 71 million. These data indicate the still little explored potential of the philosophy of reuse and industrial energy efficiency.

The current scenario of the energy issue in the country

As a matter of fact, the discussion on the issue is becoming urgent. An indication of this is the current hydric crisis that Brazil is going through. According to the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel), the overall capacity of the reservoirs of the hydroelectric plants is currently at 28.8%. Moreover, there is an exponential increase in demand on the system, as well as the growing global concern with the planet's environmental conditions. This attention has been responsible for adding value to products and credibility to companies that are responsible for the environment in which they operate.

In 2020, the world registered an 80% growth in the use of renewable energies. This is one of the examples of how the theme has become popular among companies and society. In the same vein, it is worth noting that energy efficiency is among the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (UN). According to the UN, it is necessary to "ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and renewable energy for all."

Alternative means as a solution for industries

Thus, the demand for diversification of energy production, with the valorization of renewable sources, is becoming increasingly broad and relevant. In fact, governments have a preponderant role in this scenario, but large consumers also bear a strong responsibility for the advancement of the issue. The national geography offers some of the best raw materials for reform in the energy matrix, with the benefit of renewable sources and variety of generation. In this way, both to demand measures from the Government and to invest in technologies in the manufacturing plants themselves are strategic actions appropriate for the current period.

However, the proper implementation of this type of technology requires the mapping of the specific needs of each case. The step involves the identification of objectives, points of higher energy demand and possible waste, consumption planning, and generation opportunities. It is from this evaluation that one can promote, in fact, the improvement in performance in the relationship between electricity use and manufacturing results. To this end, it is necessary to invest in reliable equipment that can provide an agile monetary and competitive return.

The initiatives that work towards sustainability

It is in offering solutions for energy use in an innovative way and aligned with the search for the implementation of a renewable matrix that Prosumir stands out, recognized in more than ten national and international awards. This credibility is what allows the company to have in its client list some major brands, such as Ambev and LCD, for example. All this due to its commitment to sustainability guidelines, especially respect for the environment and willingness to provide personalized service. The company prepares equipment in scale, according to the challenge presented by each partner.

Prosumir Aproveitamento Energético's most prominent product is the energy generation turbine or pressure reducing turbine (PRT). This technology comes to replace the common pressure reducing valves, which are quite widespread in industrial plants in Brazil. The valves, despite adjusting the pressure level, waste heat from the process. This is precisely where the differential of the device developed by the company from the Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre lies. The turbine adjusts the pressure and transforms thermal energy into electric energy.

Thus, Prosumir's cogeneration equipment serves as a tool for savings and even as a stimulus for new projects. According to reports received by the company, factories equipped with the turbine usually obtain from 10% to 20% savings in electricity costs. With this, the Prosumir pressure-reducing turbines are capable of offering gains in competitiveness and efficiency. In addition, the TRP usually "pays itself off" in a good term, on an average between 1 and 3 years. Get to know the energy recovery initiative!

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