Solutions that transform waste into clean energy

To be in tune with today is to bet on practices that preserve, value, and generate conscious actions regarding the use of the planet's natural resources. And one of the most positive aspects of this is to know that different companies already have these concerns as guidelines for their performance in the market.

In a year, industries are responsible for about 35% of the energy consumption of the whole country. And, with the lack of rain that has made the water and energy crisis even more serious, the constant changes in the tariffs have led to the suspension of services for large industries at peak consumption times, increasing the cost of energy for industries by 7%.

With this, it is also noticeable the sector's search for more sustainable alternatives that reconcile efficiency with lower costs. Investments in equipment, but also in self-generation, aiming at using even what is then wasted, have been gaining more and more importance in the corporate culture.

And faced with the challenges that arise and the difficulty in thinking of positive results with so many restrictions, proposing alternatives that take advantage, optimize and encourage sustainable practices, is a path very close and accessible to brands and other initiatives of this type. And to meet this, Prosumir presents solutions that transform waste into clean energy.

Prosumir: turning waste into opportunities

Different alternatives have been created, aiming at the use of renewable energies. Only in 2020, according to a UN report, the growth was 80% worldwide. This suggests not only more responsibility without harming the results, but also an intention to preserve the environment. And, along with this, the idea of transforming energy waste into opportunity, which was Prosumir's bet.

The renewable energy generation and cogeneration company is part of this sustainable and intelligent movement, which uses technical knowledge to propose energy efficiency. Thus, the initiative unites investments aimed at creative businesses and an experienced team in engineering, energy, and sustainability to propose solutions that meet such good practices and guarantee quality to serve large brands such as Ambev and LDC.

Prosumir is led by Julio Vieira. He started, in 2014, tests and experiments that would later be presented by the company. The creations started in this period throughout his work in a laboratory at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, allowed the first prototypes with PepsiCo and EDP (Energias de Portugal). Opening space, then, for what would become a 100% proprietary, national and bold technology to reduce waste in factories.

Pressure Reducing Turbine

The solution idealized by Vieira and that can be found today at Prosumir proposes the replacement of the reducing valves with microgeneration energy turbines: the Pressure Reducing Turbine (PRT). Thus, the turbines lower the pressure and, instead of wasting heat, generate energy with it.

With the turbines, it is possible to save 10% to 20% of the expenses with electric energy. Ambev itself, a client of the brand, operates in one of its factories with the equipment, which reduced expenses by 15%. This is because it uses the reuse of the heat coming from the pressure reduction process.

The alternative to the traditional steam turbine valves brings several benefits that are in line with the sustainability proposal, which has been gaining more and more space and supporters. And as said before, not by fad, but by awareness. Among the advantages, it is possible to mention

  • Energy efficiency of up to 10% of electrical energy consumption;
  • Reduction of operational costs with innovation project;
  • Renewable energy generation and CO2 reduction;
  • Payback normally between 1 and 3 years;
  • Can operate with process variations, saturated and overheated steam;
  • Asset valorization taking advantage of existing steam infrastructure.

The TRP proposes to reduce costs with electricity and increase energy efficiency along with reducing the environmental impact. Customers can save up to 20% on electricity and thereby reduce their carbon footprint.

Ideas and Clean Energy: Solutions That Include, Serve, and Transform

The savings of 10% to 20% with electric energy, generated through the turbines goes along with the idea of transforming waste into opportunities. After all, it reuses the heat from the pressure reducing process, generating another source of energy, avoiding any damage in this sense, and also enabling another alternative that can be increased in the industry processes.

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