Prosumir is selected in the BRDE Labs Program to encourage the acceleration of startups in Rio Grande do Sul

Among the innovative initiatives and the official press of the State Government, Prosumir once again stands out with its energy efficiency solution. Last Thursday (26th), the brand was released along with 14 others that will have their development accelerated in the BRDE Labs 2021 program.

The program is an initiative of the Regional Development Bank of the South Extremes (BRDE), conducted by Feevale Techpark, from Feevale University. The incubator gives an account of the methodology and actions of the works in this, the second edition of the program.

Thus, Prosumir will start, like the other participants, the acceleration stages, which will run from this Tuesday (31st) until December 21st. It will be four months for validation, product market fit, go to market, growth, and monitoring. In addition, mentoring with experts, monitoring and development workshops will be held. Furthermore, connections and networking will be made, which will count on the support infrastructure at Hub One Porto Alegre. At the end of the process, the five best accelerated projects will receive cash awards.

A differential of this edition is the participation of BRDE client companies. The partners will participate from the beginning of this acceleration as anchors. Thus, they will use their experience to identify bottlenecks and propose challenges to be solved by the startups. The market and management experience of these initiatives are aspects of extreme value in the construction and development of startups, and the main differential of BRDE Labs.

The governor Eduardo Leite (PSDB), present at the occasion, points out the relevance of the selected projects. "We want to talk about solutions, about what can move Rio Grande do Sul into the future. We look to the past with pride in what we did, but also to the present with pride in what we are doing, the innovation ecosystems, the human capital that the state has and, from this, the perspectives and the future that we can see," said Leite.

Besides Prosumir, brands in the areas of health, information technology, agribusiness, IoT (Internet of Things) and Industry 4.0 will participate. They are: 2metric, Agidesk, AlterVision, Crops Team, Goclin, Latos, MaxxIntelli, NeedDigital, Nurseme, Pix Force, Prosumir, StartLearning, Zeir and Ziel. AuRos Robotics is an alternate in the process.

The selection of Prosumir among other great initiatives for acceleration gives the company a place of relevance, not only for the segment but also for the solution that the brand presents to society. After all, in an innovative way, the startup proposes the transformation of what was previously wasted into an energy source, through the Pressure Reducing Turbine, also generating job opportunities and optimization for other companies.

TRP reduces about 20% of their costs with electricity and increases their energy efficiency, so that the environmental impact is much lower. An innovative project that walks with the purposes of development and sustainability, defended by Prosumir.

On the occasion of the selection announcement, besides the governor Eduardo Leite, also present were the secretary of Innovation, Science and Technology, Luís Lamb; the president of BRDE, Leany Lemos; the rector of Feevale, Cleber Prodanov; the university's director of Innovation, Daiana Monzon, and other important partners of the innovation ecosystem.

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