Startup reduces customer carbon footprint with innovative turbine

Prosumir's dedication to innovation and the market in the energy efficiency sector has been highlighted by Exame magazine. In addition to proposing savings in energy costs for corporate customers, the company proposes to reduce the initiative’s carbon footprint.

In the article, Commercial Director and Founder of the startup based in Cachoeirinha (RS), Julio Vieira, talks about how the work began and the advances in the industry. According to him, their experience in the area allowed the company to assess market needs for manufacturers that use steam. And so, the Pressure Reducing Turbine (PRT) was created.

PRT proposes reducing costs on electricity and increasing energy efficiency, as well as reducing the environmental impact. Prosumir plans to serve manufacturing companies by facilitating a performance model with zero cost for the ones that acquire it.

To achieve that purpose, some of the steps taken by Prosumir start with raising specific funds from investors to manufacture the turbine. And this challenge has been tackled. More than 2.6 million reais were raised via crowdfunding to make the business operational. Based on the model, Prosumir does the installation and, after the turbine is up and running, they receive a monthly portion of the generated savings until the investments are settled, as Vieira explains.

"We are usually able to reduce energy costs by 20% during the first five years, and at the end of this period, our customers can renew the lease agreement with considerably higher savings," adds the founder.

In addition to their visible commitment to this sector, with commercially and socially impactful launches like the PRT, Prosumir has grown more than 100% between 2018 and 2019. In 2021, the startup has grossed over 1 million reais so far.

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