Energy efficiency can reach 20% in the industrial sector, says Prosumir

Editora Brasil Energia published a report on the presentation by the director of PROSUMIR, Julio Vieira, in the webinar held on April 29, 21 at the Association of the Energy Cogeneration Industry (COGEN).

The theme of the presentation was about the energy use in the sugar-energy industry: Opportunities, technological solutions and innovations.

Based on standard energy efficiency actions, studies in Brazil indicate that the industry, which includes the sugar and alcohol plants, can save approximately 10% in energy. However, considering industry 4.0, new technologies and innovations, this potential can reach 20%, according to Julio Vieira, Prosumir, a company specialized in implementing energy recovery solutions to transform eventual waste into opportunities for efficiency.

The Prosumir executive explained that this level of utilization can be achieved with measures that involve the capture of data and waste of processes, which are being driven by industry 4.0, enabling the real-time simulation of processes (RTO) and Digital Twin between other technology solutions. This knowledge of the process facilitates decision making for the use of new technologies, such as the Pressure Reducing Turbine (TRP) for the replacement of pressure reducing valves, steam / hot water generation with solar energy, organic rankine cycle, use heat exchangers with new materials, equipment oil changes or thermal insulation changes, among others, which, if adopted simultaneously, can promote greater efficiency gains.

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