Energy as a Service: learn how to bring renewable energy and energy efficiency to your company without the need for investments!

The energy sector has undergone several transformations around the world. New technologies are making decentralized energy generation increasingly viable, that is, instead of buying all the energy from the grid powered by large hydroelectric and thermoelectric plants, it is possible (and often more advantageous) to produce your own energy, or at least part of it.

This paradigm shift is part of the so-called energy transition. Decentralization of power generation is one of the trends foreseen by this transformation, which also allows the use of renewable and sustainable sources, such as solar panels, wind turbines and, of course, the PROSUMIR Pressure Reducing Turbine.

The problem is that the installation of this power generation equipment requires a considerable investment and takes some time for the return on the invested capital. With a focus on the industrial segment, which demands a large amount of energy, the installation of 1 MW of power may require investments in excess of R$ 5 milion and take more than 3 years to return on investment. This scenario often makes the project unfeasible for the sector.

The solution may be the Energy as a Service model, also known as the performance model. In this type of project, the supplier offers the customer a financial solution: the power generation equipment will be installed at no cost to the customer, only after the start of energy generation will there be monthly payments proportional to the energy generated in the period and at a lower cost to what was paid earlier. Thus, in addition to the fact that the customer does not have costs to install a sustainable energy generation solution, he still has savings since the first month of operation.

Following the industrial scenario, we can give the example of a PROSUMIR Pressure Reducing Turbine installation project in the performance model:

In this case, the first step to start the project is to sign a performance contract. There are many possibilities for variations in these contracts, but as a standard, a 10-year contract is used, the first 5 years have a larger payment, to make the investment amortization, and the next 5 years have a reduced payment, covering only the maintenance of the turbine in operation.

The second stage is the manufacture and installation of the turbine, which usually lasts about 8 months, at this stage the customer does not have to pay any payments yet.

The third stage is the operation of the turbine, which is already installed at the customer's plant. At the end of each 30-day period, the amount of energy generated will be measured. Let's say that a PROSUMIR turbine with a capacity of 500 kW generated a total of 200,000 kWh of energy in the month, that amount of energy would have been purchased in the past from the distributor, concessionaire, free market, etc. for an amount of R$0,40 per kWh, for example, which would cost the factory R$ 80,000. With the generation of energy inside the factory with the turbine, it will no longer be necessary to buy this energy from the distributor. With the operating model, it is possible to reduce this cost by about 20% since the first month of operation, thus, the amount to be paid to PROSUMIR for the same amount of energy will be R$ 60,000 in the same example. A savings of R$ 16,000 per month without having to pay any financial resources!

After this initial period of more or less 5 years of higher payment, necessary to amortize the supplier's investment, the following years of contract represent an even greater gain for the customer. The monthly energy payment is significantly reduced to represent only the maintenance value of the turbine operation, which has been the responsibility of PROSUMIR since the beginning of the operation.

The graph below represents the gains of each part in the Energy as a Service model:

In addition to energy generation, it is also possible to carry out energy efficiency projects along the same lines as Energy as a Service, facilitating the implementation of improvements in factories and optimizing the energy matrix in Brazil and in the world through projects in favor of sustainability and reduction of costs.

Energy as a service is part of the trend towards servitization, the transformation of a product into a continuous service. In addition, the trends of decentralization and decarbonization of energy generation, vectors of the energy transition, are also aligned with the performance model. All these trends are not by chance, they mean that the world is changing and it is necessary to innovate to remain competitive in the market, investing in new technologies and sustainable optimizations. 

Do you want to know more about the operating model, Energy as a Service, and how PROSUMIR can help you make energy efficiency feasible in your company? Get in touch and be part of this change!

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