turbina redutora de pressão (TRP)

pressure reducing
turbine (PRT)

It is a compact steam turbine that replaces the pressure reducing valve. This innovation, besides the fact that promotes the reduction and control of the pressure in the process, takes advantage of the wasted energy through the valve for generation of electricity

The turbine can operate with
saturated and superheated steam.
Turbina redutora de pressão

other benefits

Benefícios Prosumir
No costs of fuel – Promotes the energy efficiency;
Benefícios Prosumir
Doesn’t generate collateral effects in the process;
Benefícios Prosumir
Compact dimensions, with simple installation, operation and support;
Benefícios Prosumir
The product pays itself with its own energy generation, promoting reduction of the operational costs;
Benefícios Prosumir
It can operate with saturated and superheated steam;
Benefícios Prosumir
A well-designed fabrication, with the entry and exit of the steam aligned and with reduced dimension, similar to the constructive form of the pressure reducing valves, generating smalls or none modifications in pipes already existents.

How it works

pressure reducing valve

energy escapes in the form of heat

Prosumir Válvula Redutora

Solution: Pressure reducing
turbine (PRT)

Prosumir Válvula Redutora



• Saturated and superheated steam;

• Maximum admission pressure: 14bar;

• Maximum admission temperature: 250°C;

• Minimum steam flow rate: 200Kg/h;

• Electrical power: 3kW a 15 kW.


• Power: 15kW a 75kW;

• Custom conditions of operations.


• Power: 75kW a 300kW;

• Custom conditions of operations.


• Power: 300kW a 990kW;

• Custom conditions of operations.

Examples of energy utilization

Battery’s banks, no-break, electrical grid, water pumps, fans, off grid energy generation, etc.

Energy supply

• Mechanical: coupled with another equipment, as water pumps, fans, and etc.;

• Electrical off grid: provision of electrical energy to isolated equipment;

• Electrical on grid: provision of electrical energy connected with the network.


A lumber-mill uses steam to dry the wood, in a system with the follow configuration

Prosumir Válvula Redutora

Simple payback, around 1 to 3 years (in function of the operational regime and mean cost of electrical energy)

Prosumir Válvula Redutora
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